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PlayStation Donates Thousands of Game Codes To Boost Your Fundraising!

Posted by Jeromy (Doc)

Update:  Based on feedback I recieved on this post on facebook, I've revised it to provide more detail on the origin of these awesome codes.

Extralifeps_logo_01 (2)Remember back in school when officials would foolishly hand hundreds of kids big boxes of candy bars and send them home to "sell" them?  Me too.  Yeah my parents bought a lot of chocolate that I "lost on the bus".  Well, our friends at PlayStation have pitched in some digital sweetness that you can use to help boost your Extra Life total for 2013 without any temptation to keep it all for yourself!

Background:  Earlier this year, PlayStation launched an incentive campaign amongst its own community members aimed at enlisting them in Extra Life, and in raising money for their local hospital.  Ultimately, when this effort ended, several thousand codes were left over.  When approached as to whether we could use those remaining codes for this purpose, our friends at PlayStation said "of course".

As of right now, you’ll find a new giving level has been added to your personal donation page and the general donation page for Extra Life.  By choosing the PlayStation Greatness giving level and making the corresponding $20 donation to the hospital of your choice, you’ll receive a 5-code bundle including:

  • LittleBigPlanet (Vita)
  • A Month of PS Plus (Stackable and no CC needed!)
  • WipeOut HD (PS3)
  • When Vikings Attack (PS3/Vita)
  • Extra Life Theme (PS3)

Code bundles will be emailed to your donors on or before 11/25 and we can currently guarantee them only to the first 10,000 people.  This means that not only can you claim this awesome bundle valued at over $50, but you can also offer it to your friends and family in return for their donation! 

The best part is that the entire donation will go to help local kids!  Help spread the word about the limited-availability PlayStation Greatness donation incentives as we push to collectively surpass $4M raised with Extra Life 2013.

Thank you for your continued support and special thanks to PlayStation for stepping in with this in our time of need!


I love my extra-life theme! We had all of these up for raffle at our event! :D Thank you Playstation!

Because... who are you not to be great?

Here I was about to go with Xbox One for my favorite consoles... (yeah, right) Sony PlayStation rocks! Thanks for the support Sony.

the theme is so awesome. i earned these titles during my fundraising and i was sure to play them during the marathon!

Thank you PlayStation!

Good Luck Mckenna,
Game on!

I hope I get these as I just donated, and have been donating over $2k to IPlayCOD, worth it yet only received my ps vita haha :)

Does the code come as a separate email from the Thank you email? I donated another $20 for the code but haven't seen it yet. Did they run out?

Hi Josh, as mentioned in the article were delivering all of the codes at once on the 25th. We did not have time to prepare a fulfillment engine to automate this. Thank you so much for your support.

I donated yesterday. Am I outside of the first 10000 people?

Still plenty left buddy!

What's up Doc? Not that you haven't heard that before and or some younger people on here won't have a clue... anyway... If there's extra left and we raised say... Almost $400 can we get a second set or two to give away? Also I've been trying to giveaway a Borderlands 2 Ultimate Swag Loot Chest (Doesn't come with a copy of the game) to 1 of the next 20 people to donate $50+ via my page and you would think BL2 fans would jump on that! Nope. I still have it and not a soul donated... Sad I know... It's just sitting here lonely...

Hello guys! I donated 15min ago, do you guys think I can grab one of the codes? Thanks!

Are you still targeting to get the codes out on 11/25?

Just checking if I'll still get my Playstation Greatness code bundle. It's 2:04PM EST, and I've not seen any email update, or elsewise been contacted with it beforehand. If it's not today, can you post an update to when? All I received was my receipt a few days after I donated.

Just reasserting Kevin's post. I donated 20 days ago and just checked my email to see nothing. An update would be nice!

I also have yet to receive any kind of update. I don't mind waiting a little more, but I'd appreciate an update. (its 6:06 EST when I posted this)

Hi Amir,

Codes will be going out this afternoon. Thank you for your support!


Got mine, thanks much..how do you get plus to work to add on to active plus account? It says invalid when I try.

Not trying to rush you guys, but I never received my code bundle, and I'm wondering if you guys are still sending them out. Thanks!

I got my codes, but they weren't the actual Wipeout and LittleBigPlanet games, they were just add-ons. Totally misled, but hey, free stuff, and it's for the kids.

I donated on 11/11 but still didn't get the codes. I wrote an email as well and got an automated response saying that I should receive a reply in 24 hours but I still got nothing. What else should I do?

I donated on the 8/11 and i still have not got my psn codes :( What do i do?

i also have not received a code, but don't know if i made it within that first 10k window. is there anyway to find out? i received my receipt on nov 9 about 5pm est.

Hey Everyone,

If you still haven't received your code bundle from making a "PlayStation Greatness" donation, hit this link and fill out the form. Once we can verify eligibility, a member of our support team will be in touch!

Link: http://tinyurl.com/lq5pvjl

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