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Extra Life 2013 total now exceeds $3,809,607. 8000 players join today!?!

Posted by Jeromy (Doc)

Nothing too verbose right now friends, just wanted to let you know that funds continue to come in from all over the place, and that as of just now, the new initial total for Extra Life 2013 is $3,809,607.  In addition to this increidble news, over 8,000 new gamers have signed up for Extra Life today alone, presumably with the knowledge of the make-up day this Saturday.  Over 38,000 gamers are now registered.

Thank you so much everybody.  We'll be back in the saddle tomorrow after a lil' more sleep, and we'll share everything as it happens.  We're very happy where things ended up, especially in light of the attacks of Saturday.  But we can't help but feel like there's a milestone we-need-not-actually-name, that has just moved within reach for this community.

All the official news about our weekend DDoS attack, as well as details about a make-up game day this Saturday, can be found here.

Fingers crossed.



damn those ninja onions. i'm completely speechless. this amount of raised money is absolutely incredible!

I really thought I'd failed to meet my goal of $500 (Individual participant) but someone anonymously donated $150 at 8 am this morning to get me there! I was so shocked... and almost disappointed that they did it anonymously because I can't thank them personally. People aren't so bad!

Does that mean you will have till Saturday to earn any incentives if you meet the minimum donation amounts - 200/500/1000?

You will have until the end of November for incentives and the end of the year to submit funds.

Thanks Stephanie!

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