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Posted by Jeromy (Doc)

My name is Jeromy Adams, sometimes known as Doc, and I have the privilege of leading Team Extra Life here at Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.  Today I'm bringing you an update on some changes that we're making with regards to how funds are disbursed for Extra Lifers outside the United States and Canada who wish to participate in Extra Life to help kids outside of North America.

Since I founded Extra Life in 2008 with the help of the Sarcastic Gamer community, in memory of the late Victoria Jo Enmon (Tori), Extra Life has always been an international affair.  Even before Tori passed away gamers from all corners of the world were sending notes and gifts to ease her stay in the hospital.  It was this generosity that inspired me most in the months after Tori's death, and gave me the certainty that Extra Life would work to not only serve Tori's legacy, but to generate hope for kids all over the world.

Since those first years of Extra Life, when all gamers were playing for one hospital, Extra Life has grown to include more than 170 member hospitals in North America.  In 2010 we also added a small roster of hospitals in the UK and Australia who were former members of Children's Miracle Network during the organization's tenure as a registered charity in those countries.

This past year I was informed that we could no longer actively fundraise outside of the United States and Canada.  The UK and Australia both have very clear laws regarding non-profit organizations and their ability to fundraise in those countries.  To boil it down, we are not allowed to raise money for hospitals in those countries, without becoming a registered charity in those countries, a process that is, to say the least, extremely daunting, expensive, and time-consuming.

This is why those hospitals no longer appear as options for Extra Life players.  Local laws in those countries say that we can no longer do so.

This presented a problem for Team Extra Life, as no one wanted to see these important international Extra Life players told that they could no longer participate in Extra Life to benefit kids on their respective sides of the world.  We investigated licensing Extra Life to charities in those countries, a proposition that also proved to not only be very expensive and time-consuming, but also, and more importantly, would divide the united Extra Life Community by country, something that we are not willing to consider.  We are Extra Life.  We are one.

It was on a recent tour of Boston Children's Hospital that the idea for what I am sharing with you today first came to me.  My colleague at BCH was explaining how many kids from over 100 countries are brought to their hospital for life-saving treatment and that in many cases their families can't even begin to afford sending their child overseas to the United States for treatment.   A little more digging and I found out that SickKids in Toronto treats thousands of kids from all over the world, as does Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C.  These are just three of many North American hospitals with a huge outreach for kids from all over the world. 

There was a way, after all, for Extra Lifers to participate and get the same satisfaction other Extra Lifers get, knowing their fundraising efforts will benefit kids close to where they live.

This year, we are adding 3 new choices listed when you pick your hospital for Extra Life 2013. Selecting any of these options will ensure that you are funding only the international efforts at these outstanding hospitals. They can be found at the bottom of the hospital selection list and are prefixed with "INT'L":

  • INT'L Boston Children's - in Boston, Mass.
  • INT'L SickKids - in Toronto, Ontario
  • INT'L Children’s National Medical Center - in Washington, D.C.

If you’d like to learn more about these hospitals before selecting one to support, here are links to their respective websites.




By selecting these special options, you will be ensuring that you want the funds that you raise to help to fund international efforts, and those funds will be directed accordingly within their hospitals.

We hope to add more choices for Extra Lifers outside North America both in 2013 and beyond.  Until we do so, we always appreciate your frank and honest feedback and ideas.  Please understand that Team Extra Life remains committed to growing and enhancing the Extra Life experience for ALL PLAYERS regardless of borders or language. 

I understand and respect that this will require you to explain in greater detail than you previously needed to your potential donors.  Please feel free to direct any questions that you receive to our team at support@extra-life.org .

On a related note, this year we have added French language support to Extra Life's current roster of English and Spanish.

Thank you so much for your patience during this time of change.  Extra Lifers, most likely due to the perspective that they gain from the kids we all work to help, are the most understanding community anywhere, and we love you for it.

Thanks you, friends -



Fantastic news! Now to find the charity I can raise the most money for. Coming from the UK with our double dip recession it might be a little hard. Shame about the rules. I was so much easier when the money went to a hospital one hundred miles away.

Dan, if you choose to support one of the three international funds your donations will be used to help kids on your side of the pond, through the international outreach programs of those hospitals.

Of course this will not stop me from participating in this years Extra Life event but I have to be honest and say that I am dissappointed that I cant direct my donations to the Noah's Ark Appeal Childrens Hospital in Cardiff, Wales. As this hospital holds a special place in my heart as they have cared for my own children.
With a bit of luck or maybe a miracle, hopefully these silly rules/laws will be changed or abolished and things can go back to normal like previous years.

What about the possibility of setting up an extra life branch in the differing zones? It would help maximise this appeal, hopefully.

Guys, please email me - this needs to go global. Would you be interested in having a UK branch? I can't promise anything but will do what I can.

Claire Louis Irish, I'm hoping to raise for the Noah's Ark appeal too. You went to school with my wife, I hope things are ok in Barry ;)

Am i allowed to actually participate for an american hospital if i live in the uk?

Yes you can Matt.

Sent from my iPhone

Thank you

Still holding out signing up (for my 3rd year) until I can either:
1 - raise money for a UK hospital (because it will be so much harder to raise funds for a hospital thousands of miles away)
or 2 - can actually choose one of INTL ones from the list (they aren't available for me to select). So currently I can't even raise for International causes :(

Some friends of mine in the UK recently did a 24-hour games marathon for a charity in the UK called SpecialEffect, http://www.specialeffect.org.uk who do gaming work with disabled people in homes and hospitals. Might be worth a look.

Hmm im not sure this is a runner any more so! Might have to organise something locally.

Is there any way we get Extra Life in the UK? I would be willing to give up a few weekends to coordinate something/get things registered, etc.


THis option should be working. Just confirmed that the last three registration options are as described above.

This is unfortunate, I am from the UK and Noah's Ark Childrens Hospital in Cardiff holds a special place in my heart. That's why i became involved with extra life last year because I could do that.

I guess that I will be doing the marathon with a justgiving page and donating to this hospital manually.
I hope that you can set up overseas so I can be an extra lifer again in the future.

Hello Jeromy, I currently live in Germany, but I am an American citizen here on a work VISA. My question is, would I be able to raise donations for a US hospital if I get support from my local community, yes? Thanks for taking the time to clarify.

Hey Gregory,
I can just refer to the FAQ now, but it says EVERY county can participate. I basically have the same problem, because i'm from germany. But that won't hinder me to participate. (Just the time shift is a bit of a problem though) I just hope there aren't any weird german laws i don't know about that could be a problem.

Would it be possible to donate to a local charity in the uk if I organise it my self but under the extra-life name so I can stream it on twitch so it will be like partisapating?

Thank you


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