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Game day is set!

Posted by Clint

Here's a date worth circling on your 2013 calendar...


That's right, Extra Lifers! Bring your best board or video game on Saturday, November 2. We're beyond stoked for another year of gaming for kids, and we'll be coming atcha soon with more information on 2013 registration.
But let's not breeze over a phenomenal 2012. The current fundraising total for Extra Life 2012 stands at $2,020,000 — a record that exists because of you! Read up on all the great work you did — all official-like — and why the ESA is proud to support our gaming marathon.
Gaming more to help kids is the best New Year's resolution we can think of!



I'm so excited for the next Extra Life! I can't wait to get started on fundraising.

We're Ready!

Will definitely be participating again this year, even though it's on my Birthday, what better present than to give to the kids!

Oh yeah! time to get back on it, and give back in it!

We are ready and going to make it bigger than ever this year in Starfleet International!

when do registration for it start

Nothing, short of a zombie apocalypse, can stop me from doing this again this year!

Time to get my gaming fingers stretched, it's 10 months away, but I'm totally ready to raise some more money to help the sick and needy!

If the official time runs from 6am 11/2 - 6am 11/3 like in previous years, this year's marathon will be 25 hours long due to the Daylight Savings Time clock change at 2am on 11/3!!! More fundraising dollars for more playing time!!!

timpar3 is ready for another marathon!! I just wish this was more then one time a year.. We need at least quarterly marathons!

We just revived our Oahu Board Gamers fundraising group from last year, and posted the link @ Facebook. But the link automatically goes to our old 2012 page ... how can we make it go to our 2013 Extra-Life fundraising page? Thanks.

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