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Important 'Deadline' reminder for the 2012 Extra Life T-Shirt

Posted by Jeromy (Doc)

While a few pictures have popped up here and there, we've been remiss about sharing this year's official T-shirt design.  So there it is in all of it's Orange-tasticness.

As a reminder, you can't buy this shirt.  It is however, available free (shipping and all) to all Platinum participants who raise at least $200 with Extra Life 2012.

We send out codes for these shirts in bursts.  While you have until November to officially earn this shirt, if you want it on your back on game day, October 20th, there's only one more disbersment of codes going out that will let you order and recieve your shirt in time.

To get your code in time for the 20th you will need to be (A) Platinum and (B) at $200 or greater by midnight PST on Tuesday, October 9th. (yep that's just under a week away)

If you still need to make the jump to Platinum, which also makes you eligible to earn other rewards and be in-to-win prizes that we haven't announced yet, you'll want to hit this link.


Again, if you miss this deadline don't panic.  We're fulfilling shirts for ALL Platinum Players who hit $200 by November 1st.


Can you change your status to Platinum *after* hitting $200 (by November 1st) and still be eligible to receive the shirt?

I received the e-mail to get the shirt but the code I was given was already redeemed. where or who do I send a complaint too? the e-mail didn't have a reply address.

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