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Hands-On: Alien Isolation

Posted by Alex Gonzalez

Photo Credit: Peter Sark (http://www.petersark.com)

In space, no one can hear you scream. Even if someone could, they wouldn’t be able to help you in this survival horror game based off the Alien movie franchise. I got a chance to demo Alien: Isolation at E3 this year and it definitely delivers on both excitement and fear.

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Five Amazingly Silly Video Game Glitches

Posted by Sophia Wallat


Despite what my arthritic, Honeymooners-marathoning grandmother might think, we all know that gamers play video games for the experience, not because we have trouble making friends or dealing with sunburns. We concern ourselves with story, gameplay, and graphics while worshipping our beloved game developers with our precious paychecks; an offering in the aid of their flawless creation. However, sometimes things fall apart and games glitch out even after all those weird rituals we perform to get things to work (Xbox + towel = fixed or tapping that random Game Boy button that everyone swears by to capture a Pokémon more effectively?). Here’s a sample of some of the most glorious achievements of glitches found in games.

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Preview: Talking With Wargaming About World Of Warships & World Of Tanks: Blitz

Posted by Jack Gardner


I’ve been directed through a labyrinthine maze of small meeting rooms and temporary walls that represent the barrier between Wargaming’s inner workings and the public spectacle they have going on outside. E3 is fully underway and I’ve arrived at the heart of the colossal structure that is Wargaming’s E3 booth; a veritable two-story behemoth that’s larger than most houses. With the hugely successful World of Tanks continuing to rake in new players every day, World of Tanks 360 proving itself to be very popular among American gamers, and World of Warplanes spreading its wings, Wargaming has set its sights on finishing World of Warships. That’s why I am there; they will be showing me live, pre-alpha gameplay from their latest build of World of Warships.

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Blood Bowl II: A Strategy Football Game

Posted by Brian Alatorre


It’s time to pick your favorite team and tackle some orcs. Blood Bowl is back and it has never looked better!

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The Destiny Beta Begins July 17, Ghost and Limited Editions Announced

Posted by Jack Gardner


Just a friendly reminder that the Destiny beta hits on July 17 at 10 AM Pacific for PlayStation owners and July 23, also at 10 AM Pacific, for Xbox. Also, there is a new Destiny trailer. Oh, and a couple spiffy, expensive collector's editions. 

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Community Post: Finding Indies - A Love Story

Posted by Guest Author


Browsing the indie games in my Humble Bundle collection; I scroll through 33 games I have the best intentions of playing. Because I should. Because I know they are fantastic games. Because they sit in my queue looking at me sadly. My Steam library holds even more from seasonal sales and my penchant to collect digital wares. Why have I purchased so many indie titles? Aside from their generally affordable price, it’s because I should like indies, right? Why do we play indie games? Perhaps a better question is why are indie games made? I asked Dejobaan Games, Galactic Cafe, Gone North Games, Firehose Games, Image & Form and Housemarque about independent game development.

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Community Post: Eminent Domain

Posted by Guest Author

Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain is a deck-building strategy game published by Tasty Minstrel Games. It can be played by two to four players (five with the expansion), and is suggested for ages ten and up. In it, each player is cast as emperor of a colonial space power seeking to build their domain into the pre-eminent power in the galaxy. This involves strategies ranging from conquering planets to leveraging trade advantages, all aimed at outdoing your rivals and ending up with the most influence (measured in victory points). While the balance of power prevents players from interfering with their rivals directly, the hapless natives of the unclaimed planets in their paths are not so lucky.

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Community Post: Breaking the Stigma - How Gamers Are Proving the World Wrong

Posted by Guest Author


We've all heard the snarky remarks. Gamers are overweight, inactive and anti-social people. Gamers would as soon sit in front of a monitor or television screen eating Cheetos and pot-pies all day rather than walk, let alone run around the block. Most of society has pegged us for being lazy and sedentary. But as the years have passed and I've grown as a gamer, I'm noticing some significant changes gamers are making to break our stereotype.

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A Q&A With Green Man Gaming's Darren Cairns

Posted by Jack Gardner


In the midst of all the E3 craziness, I had an appointment with the digital distribution company Green Man Gaming. Due to scheduling mishaps that appointment never occurred, but we managed to track down Green Man's EVP of marketing Darren Cairns for a pleasant (and very green) post-E3 interview.

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Preview: The First 30 Minutes Of Tales From The Borderlands

Posted by Jack Gardner


On the second day of E3 I was led into a small, dark theater for a live demonstration of the first half hour of Telltale Games' Borderlands title. Here is what I saw.

Obviously, Spoiler Warning for the first 30 minutes of Tales from the Borderlands and for Borderlands 2.

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