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EA Closes Maxis Emeryville

Posted by Jack Gardner

SimCity Meteor-697

The developer behind SimCity and Spore is being shut down and their work will be redistributed to the remaining branches of Maxis. "Everyone's out of a job."

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Former Telltale Talents Reveal Supernatural Thriller Oxenfree

Posted by Jack Gardner


Night School Studios, formed from ex-Telltale Games and Disney developers, announced Oxenfree, a game about a group of teenagers who encounter a mysterious force while on a camping trip. 

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Five Things I Learned By Building My Own Computer

Posted by Jack Gardner


A little over a month ago, I decided to build a computer. “It’ll be fun,” I said, “a real learning experience.” I come to you now, through the blood, sweat, and frustration, to tell you about the hard learned lessons of someone who expected to build a computer in a day and spent nearly a week troubleshooting a jumble of problems. 

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PlayStation VR Coming Early 2016

Posted by Jack Gardner


Way sooner than most people anticipated, PlayStation announced today at GDC that they would be releasing their PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset during the first half of 2016. 

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Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5 Released for Free

Posted by Jack Gardner


In the space of one day, both Epic Games and Unity have considerably opened the doors to high tech video game development by making their suite of tools available for free. 

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PS Plus Free Games Announced A Tad Late

Posted by Jack Gardner


As March began and no word came from Sony as to what the free PlayStation Plus games for the month would be, many began to worry. As the days stretched on, worry moved into more conspiratorial territory. Maybe Sony was cancelling the free games program. Maybe this was a test for a future cancellation, testing the waters of public opinion. Soon, apocalyptic doomsday scenarios were being espoused on Twitter and things looked grim indeed.


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Contrast Developers Announce We Happy Few

Posted by Jack Gardner


If you live in the town of Wellington Wells I hope you're happy, because you are either happy or dead. 

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Fruit Ninja Kinect 2's Live-Action Trailer Depicts The Lifestyle of a True Fruit Ninja

Posted by Jack Gardner


Ever wondered what it would be like to live as a fruit ninja? Halfbrick Studios set out to satisfy your curiosity in the latest trailer the Xbox One exclusive. 

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Witching Hour Studios Announces Tactical RPG Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

Posted by Jack Gardner


Witching Hour, most well known for their Ravenmark series on mobile devices, will be making their first foray into RPGs as well as PC and console gaming when Masquerada releases in 2016. Until then, we have a few details and an intriguing reveal trailer!

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3rd Annual 'Design our T for a Trip to E3' Contest!

Posted by Mike


We’re kicking off the “Design our T for a trip to E3” contest earlier than ever this year. The contest is simple - submit a design for the Official Extra Life 2015 Platinum T-shirt and if your design wins, you and your best bud get airfare, 2 nights at a nearby hotel and passes to E3 2015 as our special guest! Here's a complete list of the perks:

  • Your design will become the official T-shirt design of Extra Life 2015 (which means that thousands of Extra Lifers will be wearing it)
  • A free* trip to E3 in Los Angeles, CA on June 16-18 for you and a friend where you can wear your new design, and when people ask where you got such awesome apparel you can point to your brain and wink at them
  • Your design will be inducted into the Extra Life T-shirt Hall of Fame


  1. Register to participate in Extra Life 2015 here. Only designs of registered participants will be considered.
  2. Download Design Guidelines and  Download TshirtContest2015 Downloads. Review these documents in full for submission details.
  3. Submit your design here by Sunday, March 22, 2015, at 11:59 pm PST.
  4. The top designs will be selected by the Extra Life team and subject to voting by Likes on Facebook starting Monday, March 30, 2015. 
  5. Voting closes on Thursday, April 2, 2015, at 11:59 am PST and the design that garners the most Likes wins! Remember to ask your family and friends to vote for you. (Winner will be contacted and announced the same week)
  6. Download Terms and Conditions_2015. Please see notes about location and age participation restrictions.


If your question is not answered within the Design Guidelines or Terms & Conditions/Official Rules documents, please leave a comment below or click here to email us.