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Community Post: The Do's And Don'ts Of Social Media

Posted by Guest Author


What kind of Facebook posts do you take the time to read? With the amount of usage Facebook gets, I think a lot of people scroll though it like it’s the highlight reel of last night’s game. They’re looking for that one picture, that one phrase, or maybe that one person that catches their interest. So that’s what this little article is all about, some ideas for you to think about and some ways for you to make your Facebook posts about Extra Life grab more attention.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Dated

Posted by Jack Gardner


BioWare today revealed the impending release date along with a new gameplay trailer to get fans excited to play as the mysterious Inquisitor.

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League Of Legends Teases New Champion With A Poro

Posted by Jack Gardner


Riot Games has been cracking the whip on their animation team to whip up an adorable teaser for their next champion. He's got a big mustache and a love for adorable poros.

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Chaos Reborn Surpasses $180,000 Kickstarter Goal

Posted by Jack Gardner

The Kickstarter campaign for a new turn-based strategy RPG from the creator of XCOM has come to a close, breezing by its goal by a cool $30,000.

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5 Memorable Original Songs In Video Games

Posted by Sophia Wallat


When considering what makes a video game memorable, I’m sure most gamers would cite the twist ending reveal where they found out they were playing as the killer all along or perhaps witnessing the delightful ragdoll physics after a friendly frag grenade assault against an opponent barely old enough to own a Nintendo 2DS. Nestled behind the backdrop of AAA titles are the melodic arrangements of some of the most talented composers in the video game industry (even Oscar winners). These musical maestros are tasked with luring gamers into immersive worlds and keeping them entranced, only to be awakened weeks later to wasteland-roving pets, absentee romantic partners, and unemployment.

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First Footage Of Star Citizen Comes Out Of PAX East

Posted by Jack Gardner


Up until this point, Star Citizen has basically been known as that one crowdsourced game that raised over $40 million for its development. Cloud Imperium Games took the opportunity at PAX East to show off where all that money went, and it is pretty impressive.

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A Love Letter To PAX

Posted by Daniel Jones


There’s a sense of community that permeates the video game industry. It started small, with groups of nerdy kids sitting together in the lunch room at school, playing Dungeons and Dragons or arguing over which was better: Mario or Sonic. It grew into something more global with the advent of the internet, and subsequently, the social networks and forums that provided a voice for gamers. Sadly, that global community is often mired in negativity. With the angriest voices echoing the loudest, it’s hard to remember that gamers are some of the nicest, most caring people in the world. Look no further than Extra Life itself for proof. Penny Arcade Expo and its many forms -- such as PAX East, happening this weekend in Boston – make the global gaming community into something tangible; something people can witness and experience first-hand.

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Transistor Release Date Set For Next Month

Posted by Jack Gardner


Supergiant Games has released a new batch of screenshots alongside the launch date of May 20th.

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Nintendo Reveals New Super Smash Bros. Details

Posted by Jack Gardner


Yesterday, in a nearly hour long Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo divulged many new tidbits of information on the upcoming fighting title coming to 3DS and Wii U.

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Grail To The Thief Is A Text Adventure For the Blind

Posted by Jack Gardner


For All To Play has taken to Kickstarter to fund their development of a game with no need for visuals, Grail to the Thief: An Interactive Audio Adventure.

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