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Community Post: How Do You Marathon?

Posted by Guest Author


A few years ago, a friend of mine named Liz tweeted something about participating in Extra Life. I was playing World of Warcraft with her at the time, and her plans for the 24-hour gaming marathon included this game. It seemed like a good idea, but alas I had to work that day. I was a librarian at a short-staffed, small public library; time off on weekends was at a premium. 

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Good Old Game: Skies of Arcadia

Posted by Jack Gardner


Released in 2000 for Dreamcast and 2003 for GameCube, Skies of Arcadia has proven itself to be one of those RPGs that has really stuck with me over the years. When I was growing up, I didn’t see a lot of RPGs in my house. Through sheer bad luck I somehow missed most of the great SNES RPGs, Super Mario RPG notwithstanding. For as much as I appreciate my N64, there was definitely a dearth of RPGs in its library compared to its 16-bit predecessors. The PlayStation and Dreamcast were unheard of in my home at the time, barely existing on the periphery of my young consciousness. 

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Community Post: Appreciating the Video Game Classics

Posted by Guest Author


I was barely 4 years old when I first played Sonic the Hedgehog on my dad’s Sega Genesis, and it is still a fond, vivid memory. Video games held something mystical at that age, when I could watch my actions bring adorable cartoon heroes to life on a television set. Needless to say, I’m still video game obsessed almost two decades later. Gaming has been one of the most meaningful influences in my life and has netted me lifelong friendships. I even met my fiancé when she got curious at my rather colorful protestations at losing a match in Halo: Reach while passing my college dorm room. Gaming has always been and will forever be my greatest passion. 

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Telltale Games Unveils Trailer for Season One of Tales from the Borderlands

Posted by Jack Gardner


Just when people thought their time on Pandora might be taking a hiatus, Telltale swoops in with a trailer that teases the first episode of their Borderlands series. Unfortunately, the trailer doesn't give any hints as to a release date, but it looks like Telltale is still planning to release it in 2014. 

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Preview: Return Of The Obra Dinn

Posted by Jack Gardner


I just finished playing through the publicly available build of Return of the Obra Dinn and I definitely liked what I saw. Currently being developed by Lucas Pope, the creator of indie darling Papers, Please, Return of the Obra Dinn seems to be an adventure game that centers on the mysterious merchant vessel Obra Dinn. 

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Review: Wasteland 2

Posted by Jack Gardner


RPGs like Wasteland 2 are difficult to pull off without a misstep. They typically have very large ambitions and the larger that they become, the more options that they offer players, the more likely they are to fall short. Trying to account for every way a player might want to interact with a given scenario is a shotgun approach to game design and it is tricky to master. They also tend to be very structurally spread out. The core narrative seems to have importance than the numerous vignettes that players may or may not encounter. Key decisions have the potential to significantly alter events that players come across and lead to different gameplay experiences, meaning that reviews of this type have to be taken with a few more grains of salt than usual. It isn’t impossible to break these types of games down, just a bit harder and a bit more dependent on how the game was played. With that said, let’s roll up our sleeves and get started. 

Wasteland 2 was reviewed on PC.

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Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Launches Today

Posted by Jack Gardner

Harvest Moon The Lost Valley Logo-697

Natsume's latest entry into the Harvest Moon series hits stores and the Nintendo eShop today, along with a (lengthy) launch trailer. 

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Star Citizen Debuts FPS Gameplay At PAX Australia

Posted by Jack Gardner


Star Citizen, the crowdfunding juggernaut, continues its mindbogglingly complex development. While the Hangar and Arena modules have been released to backers, Cloud Imperium Games revealed their next big addition to their growing system of interconnected gameplay modules. Soon supporters could be getting their boots on the ground. 

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The Top Five Horror Let's Plays On The Internet

Posted by Jack Gardner

Horrified batman-697

In honor of this year’s day celebrating everything spooky and specter-like I decided to share the best horror Let’s Plays that I’ve come across over the years. Don’t see your favorite a horror series represented? Feel free to share it in the comments! 

Keep in mind that Let’s Plays, especially those that deal with games in the horror genre, tend to include some explicit language!

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Telltale Game's Game of Thrones Promises That Winter Is Still Coming

Posted by Jack Gardner


Sometimes highly anticipated games reveal their release dates months in advance and other times they try to sneak up on their audience. The latter scenario is representative of Telltale's Game of Thrones title, Iron from Ice. 

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