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WildStar Going Free-to-Play

Posted by Jack Gardner


In an official announcement trailer today, WildStar developers Carbine Studios revealed that the sci-fi MMO would be transitioning to a free-to-play model. A new subscription system will be launched alongside for players who are looking to get the most out of their WildStar experience. 

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Kholat Gets Release Date, Launch Trailer

Posted by Jack Gardner


The exploration-based adventure title Kholat is heading to store shelves in the next couple weeks. Until then, prospective players have a spiffy launch trailer to tease the prospect of Sean Bean narrating their journey. 

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2K Teases "Advent" Possibly New BioShock

Posted by Jack Gardner


Today, a website went live that resembles a recruiting call for an idyllic society that makes use of advanced technology to achieve a utopia. Scrolling through the images of smiling people and endorsements from residents, however, it quickly becomes apparent that something sinister preys on the residents of the Advent's city centers. 

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Blizzard Removes a Cigar from Heroes of the Storm, Internet Rages

Posted by Jack Gardner


There is currently a massive thread on Reddit with hundreds of comments expressing anger and frustration over the removal of Tychus Findlay's cigar from his Heroes of the Storm character model. The thread sparked an outpouring of support for the smoking space marine, bemoaning the loss of his well known cigar. 

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Telltale Games' Game of Thrones Episode 4 Lands Next Week

Posted by Jack Gardner


A spiffy new trailer has been unveiled today for the upcoming episode titled Sons of Winter. Along with the trailer, we've also received the release dates for the episode. 

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Doom Confirmed for Bethesda's E3 Conference

Posted by Jack Gardner


Bethesda has released a very, very short teaser for Doom in which we see the above monster going berserk. The reveal confirms that Bethesda will be revealing more of the iD Software developed title at their E3 event on June 14 at 7pm PT. 

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Nintendo Announces Locations for Nintendo World Championships 2015 Qualifiers

Posted by Jack Gardner


With the unveiling of the Nintendo World Championships, Nintendo stated that the qualifying events for the event would be held at a number of Best Buy locations around the country and more details would be forthcoming. The eight Best Buys have been revealed along with more details on the challenges that await would-be competitors. 

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Media Messaging and Quiet

Posted by Jack Gardner


I love the gaming community. For the most part, the community’s voices are composed of smart, insightful people who have quick minds and sharp wit. Those voices house numerous opinions and diving into those diverse views always proves to be an interesting experience. Over the weekend, I took a plunge into a thread spanning nearly 1,000 comments discussing the Play Arts Kai figurine based on the Metal Gear Solid V character Quiet and the inclusion of squeezable breasts. I spent over an hour reading through comments, listening to arguments, and came away with a realization:

A lot of people seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of how media works.

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Surreal Puzzler Relativity Releases Mesmerizing Screenshots

Posted by Jack Gardner


Willy Chyr's Relativity is shaping up to be an odd beast, to say the least. The exploration-puzzle game sets out to present the player with a universe that operates on different physical properties than our own. With the ability to manipulate gravity and turn walls into floors or floors into walls, players must navigate this alien space and struggle with what appear to be impossible situations. 

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Nintendo's E3 Plans Include Reviving the Nintendo World Championships

Posted by Jack Gardner


After 25 years, players across the country will once more be able to compete to earn a spot at the Nintendo World Championships being held in LA. Beginning May 30, qualifying tournaments for the Championships will be held at select Best Buy stores across the country. The winners of each region will be sent to LA for the Championship event at the Nokia Theatre  L.A. Live on June 14. The Championship will be a multi-round game competition and the winner will be crowned the 2015 Nintendo World Champion. Nintendo fans in LA will be able to attend the tournament in person, while those elsewhere will be able to watch via online stream. 

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